How PR works? A general explanation for a common man

How PR works? A general explanation for a common man

Public Relations (PR) is an intelligently planned communication process to build a positive relationship between companies and their target audience. PR is a subpart of the greater marketing umbrella, where the professionals create a brand image via media platforms. Public Relations strategy is a most affordable and qualitative service to do the branding through breakthrough ideas. In PR, the professionals carefully draft a PR plan based on the market research and the client’s requirements. The honest efforts of PR specialists always build a positive customer relationship that increases the client’s sales and satisfies the target market indirectly.

How PR Works:

PR tools are very cost-effective and can give greater exposure than the advertising campaign to boost your brand image. Public Relations activities help to convert interested consumers into customers. Below are the key PR tools and PR activities for better understanding:

  • Target Media Relations: The PR specialists mainly focused on the relations with the media platforms (digital, print and electronics) to disseminate the client’s information in the form of press release, authored article, brand profiling, product profiling, spokesperson profiling, industrial stories, interviews and quotes.  Every PR professional firstly prepares a target media list as per the client’s vertical and then pitch the journalist accordingly for a story opportunity. Effective media relations is one of the biggest skills of a PR specialist.
  • Bloggers/Influencers Association: When it comes to social media marketing, bloggers/influencers collaborations are the foremost thing to consider. Blogger’s posts and stories on their social media platforms create huge traction for the clients. PR professionals also work on the blogger’s list to promote the client’s name via social media. Such collaborations are either paid or done on a barter basis.
  • Manage Client’s Events: PR professionals help their clients to conduct and manage events like Press Conferences, Grand openings, Groundbreakings, Product launches, Festival celebrations and parties, etc. It is good to consider PR before planning such events. The PR will assist to run the campaign and achieving the target audiences you want to reach. PR professionals arrange media and bloggers at the event and craft messages to disseminate with different communication channels.
  • Crisis Management: One of the key roles of a PR specialist is to do crisis management, where the client deals with major unpredictable threaten that can harm the company’s image and reputation. Here, PR concerns immediately work on the public messages to rebuild trust and relations. To draft such clarifications for communication channels, PR professionals think analytically so that they can come up with resolutions to problems that the client may face.


This is a good overview of the general functions of a Public Relations Agency. Marksman Shot is a leading PR firm that helps its clients to enhance, protect and build a positive reputation through online, print, and social media. Unlike advertising, PR is earned media, where we convince journalists to write positive content about our clients through their editorial sections which have more credibility. Such stories take a lot of hard work and patience of a PR professional.

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