Why Marksman Shot:

Why Marksman Shot:

We know that you have number of PR agencies to pick from. But if you are looking for a PR place for everlasting relations, so end your search here.

Whether you are a startup with an innovative idea or a well-established brand in a market, Marksman Shot believe that we can help each other to grow stronger. We value and focus on long term relationships with our clients, so will work closely and hardly to full fill their needs.

1) No Bombshell Policy:

We follow “No Bombshell Policy” which includes:

  • No deadline break
  • No unnecessary payments
  • No exaggeration of services
  • No Fake promises
  •  No service failure


2) Reasonable Pricing:

Budget is the most important factor when you are choosing a PR agency. However, Public Relations is an art and require a lot of time and cost to understand the client’s business, market, target audience and build relationships with the right journalists. But here at Marksman Shot we are offering a pocket friendly budget to support our clients. Our pricing are fair and according to the market. There will be no extra charges in terms of additional services pre-approved by you.

3) Media Relations:

We have strong contacts and relationship with leading media groups in print, online, electronics and wire agencies. We brainstorm internally unique story ideas to pitch the client in target media and give the coverage assurance. In the competitive world of marketing the key to success in a top notch communication strategy is media relations.

 4) Quality of Work:

Quality of work is one of the key reasons our clients choose us. We not only maintain the client’s reputation but also continuously work to create a brand’s goodwill. We draft different PR strategies keeping desired goals in mind to promote a new corporate move. To make the client’s mark in competition, we have experienced and expert PR professionals.

5) Our Commitment:

Marksman Shot provides you a complete range of Public Relations tactics and 360 degree of marketing solutions with top-notch local and national media relations. We know what our clients want to achieve and how we can meet their needs with a perfect shot.